Looks like the rain has passed, and the dew points will be going down!  Might just be a great day for some golf!

That's a rather predictable suggestion given that we're talking golf with Lowell Weaver, General Manager of the Medalist.  We talked on this morning's show about the "flop" shot.  Now, you'd think that the Royal and Ancient golf folks would come up with a more elegant and stylish name for this tricky shot.  Something more noble than "flop."  But that's it.  Flop.

The golf faithful will know that "Lefty" (I call Phil by that name, we're cool) is the "King" of the flop shot.

You may never become King, but you could wind up as Archduke or something lower in the chain if you could ever master this shot.  And to help you, here's Lowell and Nathan Adams with today's On The Green video.

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