The Michigan State Capitol Commission meeting was focusing on whether to ban firearms from inside the capitol building. The commission staff might have been more concerned about online heckling. The public was allowed access to the meeting by the popular teleconferencing app, ZOOM. And just like so many public governmental meetings held with that app the last two months, the commission got "Zoom bombed". The term references inappropriate behavior by online meeting participants.  In this case, racist and threatening comments from people online helped bring the meeting to a close. But not before the commission decided to set up a committee to look at the issue of people bringing firearms into the capitol building. A decision that immediately drew the ire of top state Democrats, including Governor Gretchen Whitmer. They wanted a swift and decisive ban. A recent protest at the capitol involved some people who were openly carrying firearms. Legally. But some Democrats in Lansing got edgy about it. There have been 2nd amendment events at the capitol where open carry was happening and no one raised an issue then. Another big protest rally is planned at the capitol on Thursday. It’s being called the “Judgement Day” rally, and held in support of a grassroots group protesting the Governors shutdown orders. The group Michigan United For Liberty, also has a pending lawsuit against the Governor.

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