David A. Kallman has over 30 years of litigation experience with over 300 trials. His experience includes constitutional law, administrative law, church-state relations, homeschooling and education law, etc.

The Great Lakes Justice Center filed a civil rights lawsuit in Grand Rapids the other day against Governor Gretchen Whitmer on the behalf of Churches in Michigan. The suit challenges the Governor’s illegal and unlawful Executive Orders (EO) issued since April 30, 2020.

In their press release about the suit the Great Lakes Justice Center stated:
She now attempts to enforce these EOs as having the force and effect of law and threatens anyone in noncompliance with criminal charges and fines.

The complaint alleges that Whitmer's executive orders are a:

  1. Violation of Plaintiffs’ First Amendment right to Free Exercise of Religion.
  2. Violation of Plaintiffs’ First Amendment right to Free Expression and Association.
  3. Violation of Plaintiffs’ Constitutional Due Process Rights.
  4. Violation of the Constitutional requirement for Separation of Powers.
  5. Violation of the Constitutional Guarantee of a republican form of government.
  6. The Michigan Emergency Powers laws are unconstitutional.

Plaintiffs allege in their Complaint:

  • Just because a governor has ink in her pen does not mean the Constitution authorizes her to use it, notwithstanding good intentions. The Constitution does not become irrelevant during any emergency, including a pandemic. Instead of every citizen being subject to the rule of law, they have become subjects of Defendant’s daily edicts. (page 22 of the Complaint).
  • Nothing in the U.S. Constitution authorizes a state governor to suspend constitutional representative governance by declaring new emergencies every 28 days into perpetuity. Allowing one person to wield absolute power is not a republican form of government, it is tyranny. (p. 20).

I asked David to come on my show to discuss their civil lawsuit.  Please listen to our interview below:

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