Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Blocker and Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton were guest on the WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins on Tuesday.   They talked about City Commissioner Lynn Ward Grays "Can I Get a Witness?" initiative.

Gray is holding three community meetings, something she also did a couple years ago,  to try to get the community more involved in helping police to solve crimes.  Chief Blocker said that police departments don't operate on hearsay,  so it can be difficult to meet the requirements to be a witness.   Fear certainly discourages some from coming forward, and others may not want to draw attention to their own transgressions.   And Blocker says some witnesses and even victims might want to try and handle the situation themselves.

"This effort is about reminding the community, reminding the families, remind the loved ones that , listen, you do have a say and you do have input," said Blocker.  "And we can sway the halls of justice in support of a civil and orderly society through the community."

Also on the program (and on the video)...

  • Discussion of how and where Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program Grants are being used in seven community "micro hot spots".
  • Recent property crimes and how drug issues are at the root cause of many.
  • Job opportunities and staffing challenges and status in the County and City police forces.
  • The investigation into a recent motorcycle fatality and the procedure for investigating such accidents.
  • Sheriff Saxton talked about the success of our 25 year old jail, in bringing revenue to the County.
  • Chief Blocker gave an update on the new Battle Creek Police Headquarters building.

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