Another medical marijuana dispensary is set to open up in the Battle Creek area in the coming months.

The Battle Creek Enquirer says that Common Citizen is working to set up shop in Emmett Township, and offer a unique type of service to their customers; Common Citizen is run by a group of individuals from Detroit, who opened their first medical dispensary in Flint in June. Their goal for Emmett Township will be to provide different types of pot for needs ranging from those who have never used it before to those who need it for things like social anxiety and cancer.

They also want to attach a coffee shop to the facility. Common Citizen says that if Emmett Township does start to allow recreational sale of marijuana as the state sets up a framework for it, they could expand their business in that direction.

Common Citizen is working to open up on E. Columbia Ave. in October. It'll be either the third or fourth medical dispensary to open in the Battle Creek area; Remedii and Great Lakes Holistics both opened this year on E. Columbia Ave. in the City of Battle Creek, and a third, the CannaBar on East Columbia, is currently in the process of getting ready to open.

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