Who does this sound like?

  • A 36% approval rating
  • A loss of a critical health care vote although his party controlled Congress,
  • Facing a special counsel investigation
  • An inexperienced and highly partisan White House staff

Sound like President Trump to you?  Well that is exactly how President Clinton started and what he experienced during his first year and administration.

The Daily Caller is reminding all of us of how President Clinton started his administration off and I for one was surprised to learn of the glaring similarities.  The difference being President Trump has almost all of the media against him and President Clinton did not, and that my friends is a huge difference.

I was surprised to learn that Time magazine did have a June 1993 cover story about President Clinton’s long string of failures. The Time cover did display a tiny Bill under the large print title, “The Incredible Shrinking President.” Inside the magazine, the headline asked: “Is Clinton up to the job? Americans are starting to wonder.”

The Time magazine story was quoted in the Daily Caller article stating:

Reports of chaos, confusion, and infighting seem to leak out of the West Wing on a daily basis. The president is his own worst enemy, easily distracted, obsessed with minutiae, and uninterested in instilling much order in his administration, the Atlantic wrote a month earlier. His staffers, many of them young, don’t really know the ropes, and it shows.

So the question is will President Trump become a hero of the media and the left as President Clinton is heralded these days.

Only time will tell, and I do not mean Time magazine, but do not hold your breath because you will pass out.

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