President Donald Trump is saying he wants to hold a campaign rally here in Michigan again and soon. But during an interview on Fox News Sunday, the President claims the administration of Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is working to prevent that. The Governor’s spokesperson, since that interview, is claiming there’s been no communication between the President’s campaign and the Governor’s office. You may remember the Governor indicating just last month she’d be looking closely at preventing the large gathering of people such a Trump campaign event would draw. And the reason was the implied spread of the COVID-19 virus. The President also says the states of Minnesota and Nevada are also working to prevent him from staging campaign rallies there. But Saturday night in an online event, the President spoke with supporters in Michigan and said, “I want to get out there and do the rally as soon as we can and we will be doing that. The President went on to say, "Between COVID and your governor’s restrictions, it really makes it very difficult but we’ll be out there eventually."

The Governor’s unilateral Executive Orders claim it is illegal for groups of more than 100 to gather in Michigan.  The state’s top health officer appeared on an NBC interview show yesterday and said she is concerned about large gathering of people. Earlier this month, the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., told reporters that he wouldn't be shocked if Whitmer tried to prevent his father from holding events in the state ahead of the November election "under the guise" of COVID-19. A Whitmer spokesman claims the Trump administration is more concerned about politicizing events rather than saving lives.  The President held a rally in Oklahoma last month.  The local health department leader in the Tulsa area claimed the event was a probable contributor to the spread of the virus.

Governor Whitmer’s office has defended public protests and rioting on behalf of several causes claiming those events pose no health risks. Photos of the Governor at one event in the Detroit area show her well within her own required 6-foot distancing requirement of others, and that too was deemed acceptable due to the nature of the event.

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