Protesters are zeroing in on the Calhoun County Jail in downtown Battle Creek. They’re upset that the county is holding detainees for US  Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. And they claim the COVID-19 virus threat is putting them in jeopardy. A handful of cars honking horns paraded through a couple of nearby parking lots trying to get attention for their cause.  One of them spoke with the Battle Creek Enquirer, identifying herself as a lawyer from the Detroit area who represents some of the ICE detainees.

Attorney Shanta Driver tells the Enquirer that her clients are not criminals and not being held for crimes. She demands the ICE detainees be released immediately due to the COVID-19 threat. She claims the virus could rapidly spread throughout the jail, endangering their lives. Calhoun County Sheriff Steve Hinkley has earlier confirmed there are no confirmed cases of the virus within the jail system, either among those being held, or staff. We reported last week how Calhoun County and many others around the state are reviewing cases and when it makes sense and an inmate is not a threat to a community, they are being released. Some of those releases are after bond amounts have been reduced. Sheriff Hinkley reports the jail population here has dropped almost 30 percent in the last week.

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