McCamly Plaza Hotel-TSM
McCamly Plaza Hotel-TSM

You might see a plane flying a protest banner over Battle Creek on Friday.   A group is planning to protest  Kellogg Company's cutting back of vitamins added to cereals they sell in Mexico. The company says they "re-balanced" the Mexican products.

An article in News-Medical gives the Kellogg response to critics and has reaction from so-called experts.

Kellogg's will have their annual shareholder meeting Friday afternoon (April 26th).  Have you ever wondered what goes on in one of those meetings?  Well, unless you own stock, and your name is on the account, you'll still be wondering.  Otherwise, you're welcome to be part of the meeting.

One of the products under scrutiny is Kellogg's Mexican version of Frosted Flakes, as pictured here on Amazon dot com. 

Zucarita's Amazon dot com
Zucarita's Amazon dot com

Here's the scoop from the Kellogg Company website:

When: Friday, April 26, 2019 – 1:00 pm Eastern Time (Doors open at 12:00 pm ET)

Where:  Branson Ballroom at McCamly Plaza Hotel, 50 Capital Ave. SW, Battle Creek, MI 49017

Requirments for Attendance:

Each attendee must be a current holder of Kellogg stock with an account in his/her name. Spouses of shareholders not on a joint account are not eligible. Shareholders that are minor children may attend with the adult that is the official custodian on the account. Space is limited and registration will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may request one caregiver ticket per shareholder needing special assistance to attend the meeting. (Verification may be required.)


Recipients of proxy from Kellogg Company via US Mail or electronic delivery
Register online via Enter your 16-digit control number provided on your proxy card, voter registration form, or notice. Then, click ‘Register for Meeting.’ An electronic confirmation will be provided; print and use as your ticket on the day of the event. See example

Recipients of proxy from a broker via US Mail or electronic delivery
Proxy statements will be sent to you from your broker and will include your control number.

Register online via Enter your 16-digit control number provided on the proxy document supplied by your broker. Then, click 'Register for Meeting.' An electronic confirmation will be provided; print and use as your ticket on the day of the event. See example

Please note that if you have a joint account and more than one person from the account plans to attend the meeting, please register together on one registration (e.g., John & Jane). If each person attempts to register using the same control number, only the last person to register will have an active barcode. All other barcodes previously created will be void.

If you need assistance
using, you may call 800-690-6903.

If you do not pre-register
for the meeting by obtaining an admission ticket from, a seat cannot be guaranteed. If seating is available, you will be issued an admission ticket at the on-site registration table by showing proof of Kellogg stock ownership, such as a brokerage account statement showing K shares (sensitive data may be blacked out), a letter from your broker specifically confirming K shares, or the in-person voting section of the proxy. Please note that tickets are no longer available for pick-up at Kellogg Company headquarters.


From I-94 take Exit 98B north into downtown Battle Creek (I-194 / M-66 North).
Turn left onto Hamblin Avenue.
McCamly Plaza Hotel is on your right, just past Capital Avenue SW.
See below for parking availability.


There are a number of city parking lots and ramps are available within 2-4 blocks of the hotel. A parking fee may apply.


The presentation will be webcast live at 1:00 pm ET on this website. An audio replay of the presentation, along with easy-print slides, will be available on this website beginning at 5:00 pm ET, Friday, April 26, 2019. These items will remain posted for at least one year.

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