The Pickford Panthers had a Semi-Finals football game to play on Saturday afternoon, and it was a big deal because if they won, they were going the state championship game.  Oh yeah, they live in the Upper Peninsula, and it snowed A LOT there on Friday night, which means before they could play this important game, they needed SO MUCH snow removed from the field and stands.

That's when living in a small town comes in handy, because everyone comes together when it's needed.

At 9 am, the call went out across town that anyone with a shovel, snow blower or even leaf blower that could help, meet at the football stadium stat, so they could have everything ready for the game at 3 pm.

Oh, and by the way, some of the residents in town were without power because of the storm.

That's where Panther Pride kick in and a group of people from around town showed up at the football field, getting to work clearing the field and sweeping off the stands in time so the game could still go as planned.

Which by the way, the Panthers won 50 to 20 over the Au Gres-Sims Wolverines.

Pickford Public Schools/Facebook
Pickford Public Schools/Facebook

They play next week, at 11 am, against Morrice. It will be Pickford’s first appearance in a state championship game ever.

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