An effort to recall the Mayor of the City of Albion has now been halted after its sponsor pulled out.

Two weeks ago, the Calhoun County Clerk’s Elections Office says that registered elector Melissa Craig submitted two recall petitions for Albion Mayor Dave Atchison, with the language alleging among other things that he had been “imputing the motive of other Council Members… or members of the public” in council meetings, by doing things like threatening to stop the required public comment periods.

It also said that he violated ethics rules by nominating people to boards and commissions without disclosing that these people donated to his mayoral campaign, and that he takes policy which is against “Albion’s culture of diversity, inclusion, and community welfare” by voting against establishing Indigenous People’s Day and establishing the goal of bringing another grocery store to the city.

However, the Clerk’s Office says on Tuesday that the sponsor has withdrawn her name, meaning that there is now no representation in the district to support the recall effort.

As a result, the Clarity and Factual Review Hearing in front of the Calhoun County Election Commission that had been scheduled for June 26 has now been cancelled.

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