Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is now facing a state-approved recall petition drive.  The Governor’s campaign and legal teams downplay the effort and its significance. Supporters say the recall effort is the result of failed and unconstitutional policies. The State Board of Canvassers is approving the petition language. Now recall leaders need to get more than one million valid signatures from registered voters to initiate a recall election. That is no easy task.  Chad Baase of Albion is the primary recall organizer. He believes there are enough disgruntled state residents to pull it off.

Baase says the Governor has dangerously mishandled the COVID-19 virus issues with Executive orders that created a confusing and unnecessary burden on Michigan employers. Many he says are small businesses facing untold levels of frustration trying to stay afloat during the confusion and the languishing closing timetables. The four-member, bipartisan, State Board of Canvassers, met online to review the petition language. All four board members voted to approve the recall language.  But not before an attorney representing the Governor challenged the legality and clarity of the petition. One of the Board members countered that while the petition language might not be perfect, it was easily understood. And more importantly, its intent will also be easily understood by registered voters who may want to support the effort. But it wasn’t all good for the recall team. The Board rejected Baase’s recall petition language against Attorney General Dana Nessel. Baase tells WBCK he will not be pursuing that recall attempt and will focus entirely on the recall against Governor Whitmer.

Some area residents remember Baase from legal trouble he ran into several years ago stemming from a child custody case.  He posted a series of threatening messages on social media. He was convicted and recently paroled from the state prison system.

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