Tom Selleck was a well known fan of the Detroit Tigers, after being born in Detroit after all, and a massive Al Kaline fan, and when the opportunity came for him to actually play a game Tom did not back down. The star of the film Mr. 3000, where he played a New York Yankee, may have rubbed off of him in 1991, as the MLB recalls this surprising coaches decision during a Spring Training game:

Tigers manager Sparky Anderson surprised Selleck during the April 3 contest, calling on him to pinch-hit in the seventh inning. So Selleck stepped into the batter’s box, bad hamstring from the day before and all, in the eighth against right-hander Tim Layana, who himself had a 3.49 ERA out of the bullpen the year before for the World Series champions. Selleck got into a 1-2 hole, but he actually fouled off three pitches with a pretty decent-looking swing. But alas, Mr. Baseball struck out on a devastating knuckle-curveball.

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Recently someone posted a video of the at bat experience on Facebook, and it was cool to look back at his attempt to have the best professional batting % in baseball history. Apparently, as one commenter pointed out, he isn't the only actor to step into a professional batters box:

This is pretty cool. This reminds me of a game I went to for our single A team(66ers) in San Bernardino, CA where the Mariners came to play them for a spring training game and Kevin Costner played for the 66ers. Lou Pinella even stepped up to the plate to face Costner.


Watch Him Take Some Cuts At The Ball Below

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