It’s not very often you hear a State Representative admit to being stunned. But that’s just what Marshall Republican Matt Hall is saying about revelations surrounding the departure of former State Health and Human Services Department Director Robert Gordon.

Ever since Gordon abruptly left his state job, questions have been asked about why he left. What led up to it? But no one would say a word. Now, the Detroit News reports Gordon got a sizeable separation deal with the Whitmer administration that includes an agreement that neither party would reveal any of the details surrounding his leaving the state job.

The payout - $155,506.

Marshall Republican State Representative Matt Hall was often at odds with Gordon. Hall challenged Gordon’s department being used as a workaround for Executive Orders from Governor Gretchen Whitmer. That began happening after the Governor’s virus orders were ruled unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court.  Hall says the whole thing is fishy. Along with being stunned, Hall says the idea of using state funds to prevent taxpayers from knowing what was going on in a state department and the Governor’s office is unacceptable.

Now the question is, will anyone push hard enough to break the wrap of silence imposed on Gordon’s departure that was worth $155,506 to the Whitmer administration.

Representative Annette Glenn is now demanding the Whitmer administration revoke
the taxpayer-funded secrecy deal. She's advancing legislation to prohibit deals like that in the future. Representative Glenn describes the deal as a brazen scheme to keep people quiet at all costs.

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