Newly sworn-in 3rd District Congressman Peter Meijer is causing some raised eyebrows among conservatives who voted for him. Meijer is saying he can’t join in a challenge against election returns. Meijer says he believes vote counts are accurate and to challenge would be unconstitutional.

Congressman Meijer says he finds no substantiation behind claims of voting irregularities or fraud.  He’s quoted as saying, “There’s a very high bar for what the disruption this would cause and you need to find that factual, constitutional predicate.” He goes on to say, “So far, I haven’t been seeing any arguments that are rooted in the letter or the intent of the constitution…that would justify not certifying these electoral college votes.”

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There was an element of confusion surrounding the Congressman that was raised yesterday by the website Big League Politics.It reported that Meijer has hired longtime Democrat donor, financial analyst, Kenneth Monahan as his Chief of Staff. Mr. Monahan is reported by to have been donating contributions to liberal candidates for some time, and as late as 2018.  That’s not the kicker for most who voted for Meijer. What they began looking closely at is his contribution to former President Obama in 2008.  The New York Times reports Monahan has also provided financial support to the troubled Clinton Foundation.

But Congressman Meijer says that is not the same Kenneth Monahan he hired and he has asked the website to correct its reporting.

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