Every Michigan Democrat elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are calling the massive spending bill working its way through Washington
“The American Rescue Plan.”  Michigans two Senators, Debbie Stabenow, and Gary Peters joined with all the other Democrats in the Senate to push it through. All Michigan Democrats in the US House also voted in favor, all Republicans are opposed. That includes SW Michigan 6th Representative Fred Upton, and 3rd DIstrict Republican Peter Meijer. The bill is being described by Democrats as robust coronavirus relief legislation.  Democrats say America will be better off with its passage. Fiscal analysts say it will become one of the largest federal spending bills in American history. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer from New York earlier described the bill as “one of the largest anti-poverty bills” in U.S. history.

Michigan U.S. Senator Gary Peters claims the legislation which is moving through Congress without a single Republican vote in support will change the life of every Michigan resident. “The American Rescue Plan will make a difference for Michiganders by providing robust relief to get through this unprecedented public health and economic crisis. With $1,400 stimulus checks and critical investments to help schools safely reopen and accelerate vaccine distribution, this relief will provide a massive shot in the arm of Michiganders and Americans across the country. We are seeing reasons for hope with the increase in vaccines, but we cannot let up. We must work to get this package signed into law quickly — this virus does not take a day off, and neither can we.”

Republicans point out only a small percentage of the spending is truly virus-related. Not even 15% is actually targeted for virus relief. And much of it can’t be spent immediately.

Fox News reports the clearly partisan voting shows more than a divide in Congress. It shows President Biden, who promised bipartisan action in Washington, is fine ignoring one of his primary elections positions.

Anti-spending bill TV ads are now appearing in Southeast Michigan which is represented by  Democrat Elizabeth Slotkin. A conservative group is targeting more than a dozen members of congress with ads challenging their votes on the spending plan. The group hopes to sway voters in the mid-term election away from those who are supporting the legislation.

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