Authorities are warning about a hoax about a crime and shooting spree taking place in several cities throughout Michigan.

The Detroit Police Department says Tuesday that they were aware of hoax allegations of an active shooter in Detroit, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Lansing and Grand Rapids.

The claim was many people were knocking on doors and waiting to hear a noise or see a light before opening fire, or just breaking in and shooting. The viral post then said businesses were also being broken into, and that more and more people were participating.

The hoax ended by warning people against opening doors, taking Uber or Lyft, and saying that "PEOPLE AND POLICE ARE SAYING THIS IS A ACT OF THE PURGE."

"The Purge" is referring to the popular horror film franchise, which features a future America in which all crime is legal one night a year; it leads to people committing various acts of violence.

The DPD says that the allegations are completely false, and that "During a time where the county is mourning the loss of scores of innocent people, due to recent mass shootings, spreading false information such as this is malicious, it’s reckless and irresponsible."

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