Yesterday Michigan Republican State Representative Cindy Gamrat stated that she wants the voters to decide whether she should remain in office instead of being expelled by the House.

Who do you think should decide, the voters or the House?

On Monday Michigan’s House Speaker Kevin Cotter, R-Mount Pleasant, directed a special committee of four Republicans and two Democrats to begin holding hearings on whether Courser and Gamrat’s conduct, as cited in the House Business Office’s investigation and report, should be grounds for an expulsion.

Expulsions have been very rare, maybe to rare, in Michigan.  The expulsion of Michigan state representatives has only occurred twice in the House’s 178-year history.

As being reported by the Detroit News State Representative Gamrat along with her attorney believe the House should let the electoral process play out in her District.  They believe this should happen either through a recall election or the next general election in the 2016 election cycle.

State Rep. Gamrat attorney did state that she has not ruled out resigning from office.

The more important question to the constituents of that district, as well as Rep. Courser’s district, is how effectively they can serve the district and Michigan.

They have been disgraced, found to have broken House rules and possibly laws and before this happened ostracized themselves from the party.

This decision should not be taken lightly but thought about in the right context.  Right now it is not about them but the people of their district and the state of Michigan.

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