A Michigan Congressman who has already filed a lawsuit challenging Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s virus shutdown orders is launching a new and related effort. Michigan Republican Congressman Paul Mitchell wants to restrict the emergency powers available to Michigan Governors. Now and in the future. Mitchell is launching a petition drive to get support for a ballot issue to restrict the unilateral emergency powers of a Governor, like what we’ve seen used by Governor Whitmer.  If the petition drive gets over 340,000 valid signatures there’s a chance the issue would not need the Governor’s signature for approval, it could be approved by a vote of the Republican-controlled State Legislature. Mitchell’s lawsuit against the Governor is expected to get a court hearing the end of the week. He’s challenging the Governors shutdown orders as a violation of his constitutional rights as a Michigan and US citizen. A similar lawsuit against the Governor, filed by state lawmakers, also challenges the legality of the Governor’s unilateral orders closing the state and forcing more than one million state residents onto the unemployment roster.

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