Snowmobile enthusiasts across southwest Michigan are thrilled to see all this recent snowfall! Though it’s been years since I lived in a place with measurable snow, I’m excited to enjoy all that a Pure Michigan winter has to offer- which includes hitting the trails on a snowmobile!

With over 6,500 miles of designated snowmobile trails in Michigan, what do you do when hunger strikes and you need to pullover and grab a bite to eat? Many local establishments cater to the snowmobile lifestyle and have made it easy for riders to pop by and warm up while "refueling" with some burgers and fries.

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According to local residents, here are several snowmobile-friendly establishments you can visit while you're out hitting the trails. Just make sure you're following all the rules and regulations- some may surprise you!

Hilliard's Corner Lounge- Wayland

This bar at 18th and 135th is located in Hopkins but technically has a Wayland address. Open every day but Monday, there is a snowmobile trail that goes right to it.

Shelbyville Tavern- Shelbyville

A favorite dive bar among locals, you'll often seen a crowd of snowmobiles parked outside as it's also located along a snowmobile trail and is a perfect stop off.

The Grill House- Allegan

Known for its delicious steak and infamous haunting, the Grill House has an outdoor tiki bar that is wrapped and heated to keep you safe from the elements! The tiki hut is open evenings from 4:00-8:00 p.m.

Russo's Pizzeria- Hopkins

With several locations throughout West Michigan, Russo's in Hopkins has plenty of trails nearby so it's easy to zip on over to Russo's and grab a bite to eat.

Bloomingdale Bar- Bloomingdale

Located near the Kal-Haven trail, this bar is a perfect pit stop whether you visit by bike or by snowmobile.

Smoke on the Water BBQ- Caledonia

There is a great snowmobile trail that will take to straight to this BBQ joint. The restaurant says their parking lot is a staging area and all are welcome to stop and grab some grub before hitting the trails.

The Club Car Grille- Kalamazoo

Locals refer to this eatery, housed in an old railroad club car, as a snowmobile-friendly establishment.

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