Stop me if you've heard this one before... a man recently traveled over 6 hours and approximately 430 miles through multiple states with a snowmobile strapped to the roof of his car.

File this under things you don't see every day. A man identified as Tommy Mecher from the Chicago area didn't want to pony up the extra funds for a trailer to haul his 1990 Polaris Indy 500 snowmobile to Bessmer, Michigan in the U.P.

Onlookers where able to snap photos of the curious scene and it didn't take long for those photos to spread across social media.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Pfaff

When interviewed by the Wassau Daily Herald, Mecher, an electrician apprentice from Chicago, had this to say...

I only burned $10 more in gas on a 430-mile trip, I put it on the roof in Lemont, Illinois, where the snowmobile was and drove it up to Bessemer, Michigan.

Snowmobiling is not a cheap hobby. The snowmobile itself is expensive. Add in helmet, weather appropriate gear and travel expenses and the costs add up quickly.

While this is not a recommended method for transporting a snowmobile, Mechler did not break any laws and went to great lengths to ensure that the large piece of winter equipment was secured to the roof.

I even had a friend get on the snowmobile and try to rock it and it didn't move at all. I could have gotten into an accident and that snowmobile wasn't coming off. ~Mecher said.

While Mecher said he got plenty of stares he told the Wassau Daily Herald that even if he had a snowmobile trailer, he probably wouldn't have used it anyway.

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