A stolen tombstone was recovered and a child placed in temporary foster care after Emmett Township Department of Public Safety Officers executed a search warrant, at 610 Niepoth Street, for stolen property. The home has been the scene of previous drug seizures and stolen property.

Police received a tip that a stolen tombstone was at the residence. A search warrant was executed, around 3:00 PM Thursday afternoon and the stone was found buried in the backyard. It belonged to a deceased child who had been laid to rest in Barry County in 1988. Unfortunately it had been desecrated by the suspects.

One suspect is currently lodged in the Calhoun County Jail and arraigned for eight felony charges. Warrants for eight other suspects have been submitted for review as part of the crime ring.

The investigation of this crime has resulted in information that has identified four more suspects that may be involved in theft, counterfeiting and illegal drug activity.

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