The best things come in small packages. That certainly holds true with Miss Darla.

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Meet Darla, a small girl who is over 3-years-old. Darla is listed as a Chiweenie which is a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund dog breeds. Staff at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan (HSSCM) say they suspect Darla likely has something else in her mix due to her long legs.

Darla can be a bit timid when meeting new people, but with a calm and gentle demeanor and a treat you will likely win her over. When she is with someone trusted, she is much more relaxed.

Darla of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan
Darla of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan

Darla loves to run around and play. She can be a real character and get vocal when she gets to playing.

Staff at HSSCM say Darla will sometimes get nervous with fast movements with some of their male staff and volunteers that she is less familiar with. When that happens she will bark out as if to say 'Hey! I didn't say you could do that.'

Darla is best suited for a home with older children. She would be fine with visiting grandkids who are gentle and respectful of her space. Darla gets along well with other dogs and would likely do well in a home with one. She even has a best friend at the shelter that she loves to play with, Jackson. Darla has not been tested with cats yet but that can be done following an approved application.

Darling Darla would do okay in an apartment. Her ideal home would be with a family who has previous dog experience.

Would you like to make Darla a forever part of your family?  Click here to find an application (click the Adoption tab on the top left) to fill out and return to HSSCM.

Want to help animals like Darla but maybe now isn't the right time to make one part of your family? The Humane Society of South Central Michigan needs donations, namely kitty litter. The best kind is the non-clumping clay that isn't overly perfumed. Click here to see a list of items they often need.

Don't forget about the upcoming virtual Whisker Mixer - Paws for Thanks event on November 4, 2021. Click here for more information.

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