White Men Not Allowed
Well, well, well now we see what the Democrats really think about equality.
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is looking to fill some open positions in their technology department but not with white men.
Fox News is reporting that the Democratic National Committee data services manager is lookin…
They Can Never Say It Never Happened
Whenever someone brings up their concern for the safety of girls and women when allowing transgendered women into the girl’s/women’s bath and locker rooms we are confronted with people who state that nothing has ever happened which would justify our concerns...
Planned Parenthood No Longer Believes in Science
Planned Parenthood has issued new guidelines on how parents should speak with their children about sex and sexuality.
Planned Parenthood no longer believes that male body parts define you as a male and conversely no longer do female body parts define you as a female...
A Transgender Man Breaks Women Weightlifting Records
A transgender person who use to compete as a man crushes international women’s weightlifting records.
We all could have seen this coming a mile away and the question is, is it fair to genetic women?
The Washington Times is reporting on Laural Hubbard a man who is now competing as an in…
Your Tax Dollars, Transwomen and Uganda
Do you remember when the former Speaker of the House Democrat California Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi famously stated:
The cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make. It’s really important that people understand that
If not or you do not believe me check out this audio of her stating it on a CNN pro…
Can You “Out” a Child To Their Parents?
We have just been shown another example of bias in the “news”.  The Daily Beast, a far left new site, published an article with the following headline “Texas Republican Wants to Out LGBT Kids in School”.  If you were to actually read the article you find out that the “outing” they claim is when a K-…

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