Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson just made it easier for both transgender people as well as people hiding from the law to change their biological sex to whatever they want on state ID’s

In a press release describing their policy change, Secretary Benson said:

The transgender community has faced both marginalization and violence without proper identification...This change returns to a policy that was in place before the issue was politicized, and that was utilized by both a Republican and Democrat secretary of state.

Benson stated that effective immediately, anyone can change the sex designation on their driver license or state ID card by going to any Secretary of State branch office, fill out a form and have their photo taken. There will be $9 correction fee for a driver’s license or $10 for a state ID. You will also no longer have to provide a birth certificate, passport or court order to get a corrected identification.

Lilianna Angel Reyes from the Trans Sistas of Color Project, stated in a press release:

For us, having a state identification that reflects how we see ourselves reduces trauma and stress when having to show your ID...It validates who we are, especially in a world where people and systems constantly devalue our identity.

It takes a state identification card with the wrong biological sex on it to validate your existence?  You should not be looking for the state or anyone else to validate you and just be confident in who you are.  I do no look towards the state or other people to validate me and I believe it would be better mentally for you not to either.

“Especially in a world where people and systems constantly devalue our identity” who is devaluing your identity?  If you want to believe you are something different than what biology and science says you are go ahead, that is no skin off of my or many other people’s back.  Will there be some people who are bigots towards you, of course.  I face those people every day you cannot stand me because I think different than them.

For a little perspective in 2011, Michigan former Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, began requiring an amended birth certificate to change the sex designation. To get an amended birth certificate you had to undergo gender confirmation surgery.

Now back to this issue, is it inconceivable for me to think that people hiding from the law might also avail themselves of this service and give them one more way to possibly evade capture.

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