Colleges and their “Diversity and Inclusion” Pledge’s
In their quest for “diversity and inclusion” Iowa State University is now requiring their new job applicants pledge that if hired they will “demonstrate their contribution to diversity and inclusion”.
My thought is how will they exactly enforce …
Is Mathematics Sexist Now?
A Vanderbilt University professor believes mathematics is sexist.
The Campus Reform news site is reporting “professor” Luis A. Leyva who described mathematics as:
white and heteronormatively masculinized space
He wrote an article in an academic journal in which he complained…
You Got My Name Wrong You Get a Zero
Why would a professor give a student a zero on his quiz for not knowing the name of the female lab instructor in the Professors class?  I guess the first question would be why he would even ask that question on a quiz in an earth science class concerning sedimentary rocks.

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