Just last week, the news broke that Kellogg's would be permanently replacing their workers currently on strike.

In an article published by marketwatch.com,  it was reported that the near 1,400 Kellogg's workers on strike would be permanently replaced. An official statement released by Kellogg's read,

The prolonged work stoppage has left us no choice but to hire permanent replacement employees in positions vacated by striking workers.

Public response to this decision has been overwhelmingly critical on social media. Particularly, on Tiktok.

Wait, Why are They Striking?

If you missed it, the workers' strike against Kellogg's began in October of 2021 after the company said they would be cutting back on retirement benefits, health care, pay, vacation time, and more. You can read more here.

Like so many people, the workers at Kellogg's had been working around the clock during the pandemic to keep up with production. Understandably, the decision to take away basic benefits must have felt like a slap in the face.

Here are a few Kellogg's workers explaining the drive behind the decision to strike:

As mentioned above, the decision made by Kellogg's to permanently replace these striking workers was not well received. And, it may be a decision they'll soon regret thanks to the overwhelming response from people on Tiktok, let alone the rest of the social media platforms.

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Almost immediately, Tiktok videos began springing up on FYP's across the country addressing the issue the way only Tiktok can...with dances:

As well, a number of different accounts posted videos asking others to boycott Kellogg's products. Some even went as far as listing all of the products that fall under the Kellogg's name brand:

However, the one that may be the most impressive is a user by the name of Black_Maddness21 who created a code that would automatically fill in the information needed for a job application on Kellogg's website. The intent? To crash it.

Crashing the website seems to be a sentiment shared by many posting videos on Tiktok:

And, it's a tactic that works.

When Texas passed its controversial abortion ban, Tiktokers were some of the first to flood the "tip" website that allowed citizens to turn in their fellow citizens who may have gotten an abortion for a cash payout. The overwhelming amount of fake tips caused the site the crash. You can read more here.

The most recent offer made by Kellogg's to the workers on strike consisted of a 5-year plan that would offer a 3% raise. It was rejected by the union. You can find all of the updates from the union here.

So far, the Kellogg's website has remained operational.

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