This TikTok creator gets millions of views as she shares her cool finds at local grocery and convenience stores around Southwest Michigan.

Watervliet is a small Michigan town tucked between Coloma and Hartford with around 1,500 residents.  To put that in perspective, with 57.5 thousand followers @foodmakeupskin has 38 times more people are following her TikTok than there are people that live in her town.  Her profile has received 4.7 million total video likes.  Wow.

Let's check out a handful of her viral videos.  Let's start with the video where she finds Caramel Macchiatos at Costco.  This video has been viewed over 990 thousand times with 187 thousand likes.


This isn't, by a long shot, her most viral video.  But it's just so Michigan I had to show it to you as @foodmakeupskin stumbles upon the most Michigan Meijer she's ever seen.  This video has been viewed 109 thousand times.

She's always excited to share a fun grocery store find with TikTik.  So, when she shares the A&W Root Beer Float Set at Walmart, it gets viewed 105.8 thousand times.

Her biggest video (1 million views and nearly 60 thousand likes) involves a trend and a filter.  The video is self-explanatory.

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