The University of Michigan is putting more elements into place for the upcoming fall semester. Undergraduate and graduate students who plan to live on campus will be required to show proof they’ve been vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus. That accounts for just under 10,000 undergrads and nearly 3 thousand grad students.

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But faculty, staff, and other students who will be intermingling with those resident students at this point are not being told they need to meet the same safety threshold.
The Associated Press reports the announcement from U of M President Mark Schlissel however is strongly encouraging everyone on campus to take advantage of the vaccination option.

The requirement may allow the university to operate residence halls at nearly normal capacity.  Last fall, Michigan reported more than 600 students were testing positive for the virus in spite of the university mask mandate and things like social distancing.

Just last month, Michigan administrators were announcing plans for the fall semester but at that time were not indicating a vaccination requirement was in the works.  “For the fall semester on the Ann Arbor campus, we will teach most classes in person and have greater occupancy in our residence halls, in-person dining, and student support services, along with some continuing precautions to maximize health and safety for our university community.”

Oakland University in metro Detroit was the first university in Michigan to announce a vaccination requirement.

The AP says the medical director of infection control at Michigan Medicine says vaccination options need to be pushed a bit more aggressively. Dr. Laraine Washer is quoted by the AP saying, “We’re in danger of falling short of getting to the level of vaccination coverage needed to achieve the goal of community immunity that’s really required to beat the virus.” Dr. Washer says health experts and physicians need to, “turn this vaccine hesitancy into vaccine confidence.”

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