New life coming for a shuttered cereal plant in Battle Creek and a chance for you to own a piece of the building's history.

The building that once housed Ralston Purina Company and more recently TreeHouse Foods was purchased in February by New Mill Capital. The 450,000 square-foot facility is located at 150 McCamly Street South, near the Amtrak station in Battle Creek.

Though planning is still in the early stages, the former cereal plant will likely be redeveloped into a mix of multi-family housing, warehousing, light manufacturing, or similar uses, according to Wood t.v. There are still many steps before any concrete plans are made.

Part of those steps includes the auctioning off of more than 2,000 pieces of cereal production equipment currently housed in the facility. That auction is for April 22nd and 23rd. Equipment being auctioned off includes continuous and rotary cookers, continuous dryers, stainless steel processing tanks, liquefiers, pumps, sifters, conveyors and forklifts. View items being auctioned by clicking here.

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