With no security believed to be on duty, Two women went on a panty raid in Lakeview Square Mall in Battle Creek.

The mall has been losing more than just businesses, including two jewelry stores over the last month. They also seem to be understaffed. In a police report in the Battle Creek Enquirer, Two women made off with $800 dollars worth of merchandise.

Battle Creek police said an estimated $800 in merchandise was taken at Victoria Secret. An employee at the store at 5775 Beckley Road, said two women entered the store about 10:49 a.m. Thursday and began filling their large purses with merchandise. When they were approached by a store employee, the women fled. The clerk called security for Lakeview Square Mall but told police no one was working.

So just how bad is it at the mall? And where is the security? I went there on a Friday afternoon and shot a bit of video. I could count the shoppers on one hand. Check it out.

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