The State of Michigan is sponsoring an online town hall meeting today to help get you information about changes in vehicle insurance regulations. The State Department of Insurance and Financial Services has the virtual town hall set to roll at 1:30 this afternoon. PIP, or Personal Injury Protection elements of the new insurance rules may pose the greatest confusion for Michigan drivers. That may also pose the greatest level of risk. For vehicle policies renewing after July 1st, drivers now have the option of selecting a level of coverage. Experts caution that the cheapest options may not be the best due to the potential costs of being involved in a crash, that results in large and unexpected medical bills.

State regulators will review the coverage options you can choose from in an attempt to make sure you know what you are facing based on your choices. You will be able to get questions to the town hall facilitators. The department is also operating a no-fault hotline with calls being answered between 8-5 on weekdays. That number is 833-275-3437.

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