A lot of people are waiting on Battle Creek City administrators these days. The waiting is due to the city’s review process for approving recreational marijuana sales. Battle Creek Provisioning, which has two locations in the city, has received  its adult-use recreational licensing approval from state regulators, but has not yet been cleared by the city. Managers of the Provisioning company are telling the Battle Creek Enquirer that once approved by the city, it will begin selling recreational marijuana first at its Columbia Avenue location.

Several businesses are now open for recreational marijuana sales in Michigan with dozens more waiting for state and local licenses to be approved. In the first week of legal recreational sales, those businesses did over one and a half million in retail sales and a couple had long lines of people waiting to get in the doors. Most industry observers believe it will be well into the summer before the recreational marijuana business in Michigan goes into high gear. Part of that is due to the growing process for marijuana, which takes a few months.

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