Battle Creek is into the home stretch for the transition from Waste Management to Republic Services for waste collection and recycling services.   The main cutover was April 1st, as the Blue trucks were seen replacing the Green ones, as the city’s new curbside waste contract began.

Next week, Waste Management is making another run to collect the yellow-lid recycling carts and the rented garbage and yard waste carts that may have been missed previously.

If you still have Waste Management rental garbage and yard waste carts, please call Waste Management to tell them at 866-797-9018.

Monday April 26

If you haven’t already, please place your yellow-lid, Waste Management recycling cart at the curb by 6 a.m. Monday, April 26. Waste Management will send their recycling truck to empty the carts, and an outside company will follow behind to collect the empty carts. Collection across the entire city will take a couple of days.  After collecting the recycling carts, Waste Management will come back to collect any remaining rental garbage and yard waste carts neighbors have called in. This will be Waste Management’s final pass through the city to collect carts. 

This week, Republic is delivering the second wave of recycling carts, and rental garbage and yard waste carts to neighbors who requested them. They expect to finish these deliveries by early next week.

Republic Services truck-YouTube
Republic Services truck-YouTube

Any neighbor wishing to request any of the three cart types can call Republic at 269-216-8008 or email You can expect to receive your carts within five days of the request. Please note that to recycle curbside, you must request a no-cost recycling cart. You do not have to rent garbage or yard waste carts; everyone within city limits receives these weekly services regardless. Cart rentals are $39 per year for the first cart and $30 apiece per year for each additional cart.

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If you purchase your own yard waste container, you can get a free “yard waste only” sticker from the Department of Public Works. The building is still closed to the public, so please call 269-966-3343 to arrange to pick up a sticker.

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