These are very trying times for many of us, some worse than others.  First and foremost would be those who have lost family members, friends or colleagues to COVID-19. Second would be those who have been laid off from a job due to the fact that the Governors of our country have closed most businesses in their states.

Here in Michigan, more than 129,000 people filed for unemployment as of March 21st.

Well there may be some relief coming your way depending on where you live.  

On Tuesday Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity Director, Jeff Donofrio said in a prepared statement“

While many Michiganders are being displaced from work, thousands of employers have immediate job openings...We encourage those who are currently unemployed to search available jobs at

When this COVID-19 virus is better under control and the Governors allow businesses to open up hopefully you can be hired back to your old job but until then there may be job opportunities for you.

So go to and see if there is a job near you.

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