The Village of Constantine says their Fourth of July fireworks are still a go if the needed funds can be raised.

Most Michigan residents have resigned to the fact that organized fireworks displays will be few and far between this year but one small community that sits just north of the Michigan and Indiana border says theirs is a go. The Village of Constantine, located in St. Joseph County, says they believe they can pull off the event while still staying within recommended guidelines from state executive orders. The biggest hurdle the community faces with pulling off the event is securing the funds needed. When the announcement was made on June 18, the village said they still needed to raise over $7,000 to ensure the fireworks show would take place.

Donations can be made out to and mail to:

4th of July Fireworks;
115 White Pigeon St
Constantine, MI 49042

The community funds the event through fundraising, donations, and money collected from spectators as they arrive for the fireworks show.

Some of the recommended safety precautions for the event are as follows; It is recommended that spectators don’t congregate with persons other than those with whom you traveled to the event. The village will not be able to monitor whether, or with whom, you associate while on the grounds, and therefore the village cannot be responsible for your safety.

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