President Trump Approved Michigan’s Disaster request. The following is the press release informing the public what President Trump did:

Office of the Press Secretary

March 28, 2020

President Donald J. Trump Approves Michigan’s Disaster Declaration

Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump declared that a major disaster exists in the State of Michigan and ordered Federal assistance to supplement State, tribal, and local recovery efforts in the areas affected by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic beginning on January 20, 2020, and continuing.
The President's action makes Federal funding available for Crisis Counseling for affected individuals in all areas in the State of Michigan.
Federal funding is also available to State, tribal, and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations for emergency protective measures, including direct Federal assistance, for all areas in the State of Michigan impacted by COVID-19.
Pete Gaynor, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security, named James K. Joseph as the Federal Coordinating Officer for Federal recovery operations in the affected areas.
Additional designations may be made at a later date if requested by the State and warranted by the results of further assessments.

President Trump via the federal government also last Saturday sent Michigan additional supplies from the U.S. national stockpile to aid health care workers responding to the coronavirus pandemic, with more en route, officials said.  Whitmer said that the state received 112,800 N95 respirator masks at the state Emergency Operations Center and that 8,000 more on the way.  She tweeted in a video:

Great news for our health care workers....We're grateful to FEMA for that

President Trump also asked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to retrofit the TCF Center in Detroit to add an additional 900 hospital beds to handle any overflow from hospitals nearing capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Congress passed and President Trump signed the $2.2 trillion dollar bill that was supposed to help America with the COVID-19 crises. Under that bill, the state of Michigan will receive approximately $3.8 billion to help stem the pandemic. 

In the approximately $3.8 billion dollars from the Federal government intended to fight the COVID-19 crisis, Michigan will be receiving $351 million for public transit systems, nearly $74 million for emergency housing grants and $11 million for election assistance.  

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