Harley's still out at the Humane Society, hoping you'll walk in there and take him home.  He visited us a while back at the 95.3 WBCK studios.   As you can see, he's a beautiful dog.   He gets a little too excited when people come to the shelter, and starts barking like crazy.  But he never barked one time at the radio station.  Harley likes people and was really happy to see me.  Then he curled up and stayed quiet while to talked on the air.

Harley is about two years old and has been neutered.  He's a smart dog too, and is just waiting for some training.   He'll need some space to run and would probably need a fenced in yard.   Harley is some kind of a hound, and maybe some boxer or pointer in there.   Click here for more info on an adoption. 

Harley-Humane Society Photo

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