Talk about sturdy!   Levi is.....well, thick.   He's a mostly black, dark chocolate pit bull terrier and really sweet.   Smart too.   He definately knows his name, and was very excited to see me and explore the radio station.   For a big dog, he's very gentle.  He settled right down and curled up on the floor until I called his name again.

Levi was a rescue dog who is about two years old.  He came to the Humane Society of South Central Michigan as a puppy and was placed in a good home.  Unfortunately, his owners fell on hard times and couldn't keep him any longer.  So, Levi is back at the shelter, which is not his favorite place.

Levi needs a fenced-in yard, and probably wouldn't be a good match for another alpha-dog.  But he's a sweet and beautiful dog.   Go an meet him!

Humane Society of South Central Michigan 
2500 Watkins Road
Battle Creek, MI 49015

Phone: 269.963.1796
Fax: 269.963.3365

Adoption Hours:
Tuesday – Friday – noon to six
Saturday – 11am to 4pm

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