This is Maggie, and she's about a year old.   A very sweet dog, Maggie gives nice little kisses.   She's some sort of a husky mix, and maybe catahula.   Maggie is being treated for heartworms, and should be just fine, but the treatment will take several months.  She's been spayed and has had all her shots, and is ready to be adopted.   You can download the form form the Humane Society of South Central Michigan, here. 


With the annual Field of Flight Balloon championship and Air Show coming up this Thursday through July 4th, the Humane Society reminds you that it can be a stressful week for pets.   The extra traffic, balloons flying over the yard, and the noise from the air show combine with hot weather and 4th of July fireworks to take its toll on our furry friends.  Some pet owners even have "Pet Slumber Parties" and keep them inside as much as possible.


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