Wow!  I just learned something very interesting, something you all should know.

Did you know that “renewable” wind energy is created using 65% natural gas?

Energy created by these winds farms is not 100% renewable, not even 50% renewable.  Wind generated electricity is 65% natural gas and only 35% “renewable” wind.

I recently read an article in the Michigan Capitol Confidential by Jake Spencer that alerted me to this very interesting piece of information.  In fact I think it is a vital piece of information all should know when considering “wind” generated electricity.

Apparently wind generated energy is approximately 2/3rd’s fossil fuel (predominately natural gas), which is used in a less than efficient way.

A University of Michigan and Lansing-based consulting firm 5 Lakes Energy have written a report that concludes that the State of Michigan should move to wind energy to replace the coal plants that are being shut down due to the democrat parties over regulation, in my estimation, of the coal industry.

The report stated that since these coal plants are being shut down, we should not put all our eggs in one basket and rely on natural gas.  They believe we should rely more heavily on wind energy.

What the report does not tell you is the entire point of this blog piece and that is “wind” generated energy is actually only 35% renewable the rest is mostly fossil fuels like natural gas.

That kind of blows their theory of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, would you agree?

In the Michigan Capitol Confidential article Tom Stacy, an electricity generation analyst and independent regulatory and policy consultant explains that the “eggs in one basket” warning doesn’t make sense. “There is no 'or.' It is either 100 percent gas or 65 percent gas plus 35 percent wind.”

He goes on to state:

“The catch is that compared to the cost of the natural gas basket, consumers are forced to pay triple for baskets because the wind basket costs twice what the gas basket does, yet the gas basket is still required to hold 65 percent of the eggs and the end result: For our dozen eggs, we pay for three baskets when we could have paid for one. In exchange we get four free eggs. The problem is the extra baskets cost far more than the eggs.”

What makes the 5 Lakes study even more deceitful, in my humble opinion, is they made the following statement: “If we choose the natural gas path and natural gas prices rise, we may regret that we are stuck using expensive natural gas when we could have had free wind or solar fuel.”

Were you are aware that “renewable” wind energy was generated by 65% fossil fuels?

Where does the word “free” come in play U of M and 5 Lakes?

From what I can understand some part of the 65% is due to the unreliability of energy being created by wind, meaning wind energy can only supply 35% of the electricity needed.

Do you believe it was deceitful at some level that the U of M and 5 Lakes Energy’s report did not happen to mention the 65% figure?

By the way, 5 Lakes Energy principle founders have more than one official from the administration of former Gov. Jennifer Granholm.  Interesting is it not?

This is just another example of agenda drive “research”.

I am not saying we should not pursue renewable energy but we should do so while still promoting reliable energy production via fossil fuels.

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