A 22 year-old woman was arrested, Sunday morning, after leading police in a car pursuit, with a 2 year-old unrestrained child in the vehicle.

The Battle Creek Police were dispatched, at 8:21 AM, to a report of an assault at a motel in the first block of Division Dr.

During the investigation, officers approached the 22 year old suspect as she was getting into a vehicle with a 2 year old child.  The suspect refused to exit the vehicle and began to drive away with the child.  Officers broke out a rear window in an attempt to get her to stop and an officer was able to unlock and open the driver side door.  The suspect then began driving backwards with the officer between the door and the vehicle.  The officer was able to get out of the way of the vehicle at which point the suspect proceeded out of the parking lot striking another responding officer's vehicle.

The suspect then fled south bound on M-66 with Battle Creek Police in pursuit.  A Michigan State Police Trooper joined the pursuit that finally came to an end on M-66 near I-94.

No injuries were sustained during this incident and the 2 year old child was turned over to family members unharmed.

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