A woman was forced by gunpoint to withdraw money from an ATM at a Battle Creek credit union, late Saturday evening.

Battle Creek Police officers were alerted to an Armed Robbery in progress at the Omni Credit Union on Roosevelt Avenue at approximately 10 PM, Saturday night. They learned that two men were holding the woman at gunpoint then forcing her into her car and fleeing the scene with her.

The officers were able to locate the victim who told them that she had been forced to withdraw money from the ATM, by two black males, and forced to drive to Gardinia Street, near Hubert Street, where the males jumped from the car and fled.

A K9 tracked the suspects to an apartment building on Redner Avenue and located some clothing worn by the robbers, but failed to find the men.

The first suspect is a black male, about 6-foot two with a medium build. The second man is a black male, shorter and heavier than the first male.

The case remains under investigation.

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