Flying is a headache. Sure, the benefits and convenience of flying are largely unmatched, and the cost truy isn't as bad as it could be. But, a headache it remains.

One of the larger reasons it's such a headache, though for certainly understandable reasons, is the tedium of going through TSA. If you've flown, you've had a less-than-enjoyable time with TSA at least once. While their importance in keeping us safe is unmeasurable, it's just one more pain in the neck in a day full of waiting around to get where you're going.

Thankfully my one time going through TSA at Detroit Metro Airport went smoothly - and it was my first time going through the process. Of course, Detroit Metro Airport has to follow the same guidelines as every other airport, meaning the rules are largely blanketed across the country by the government.

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One aspect of going through TSA is knowing what you can and can't bring with you. The struggle is that you check your bag before you go through TSA. If you aren't sure what can or must go where, you could find yourself in trouble or risk missing your flight altogether.

There are certain items that you can only bring with you in a checked bag, and not carry on - like a baseball bat for instance.

Other items can only be brought as carry-on but not in a checked bag. Some of the examples below fit that category. All of the items below, however, are outright banned from being in your checked bag.

Now, some obvious items won't be included on the list. Hopefully, you know that you can't bring dynamite on an airplane. This list will largely include items that are outright banned from being in a checked bag, meaning there is no instance in which you can get around putting the item in a checked bag. Some items have special instructions, like a camp stove - they won't be included.

Instead, the list is largely everyday items, or just bizarre items, that you may not have known are banned from being included in your checked bags, according to TSA regulations.

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