Whether you're a student or a parent of one, the decision to go to college is a heavy one. It comes with so many risks and it's often difficult to assess those risks.

After all, traditionally, freshmen college students are venturing into the real world for the first time, learning how to manage their own time, finances and health. It's a scary adventure for students and parents. There are so many factors for families to consider when choosing a college. Just as important as selecting a school for its academic and social aspects is the safety of the student in a new city or town.

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Luckily, if your student is heading to Illinois for classes, odds are, they're in the safest place they can be. According to a list of the 50 safest college towns in the country, Illinois is home to seven towns on the list, more than every other state in the country except Massachusetts, which has eight.

The list was put together by Research.com using information from a previous study by Safewise.

Interestingly, though maybe not very surprising, the towns that make up the list don't often host larger universities. That means a bulk of these towns are true college towns where the student body population is a significant portion of the towns' populations and much of the entertainment for the areas is catered to college-aged adults.

Still, with the Illinois college towns on the list, the student population is a rather small portion of each town's total population, except for one.

Below is the list of Illinois college towns deemed as some of the safest in the entire country. The entire list of the 50 safest college towns in America can be seen here.

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