Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is trying to put pressure on President Trump and Republicans in Congress to do more to come up with government assistance to help the state weather the COVID-19 virus outbreak. In her latest virus-related public statement and media release, the Governor says it’s pretty much up to the Republicans in Washington to fix the virus financial issues encountered by states throughout America.

But many business owners and workers across Michigan are throwing the issue right back at her. They say the Governor could simply end her shutdown orders and business restrictions. They believe that would get the economy going again without forcing people to look for more government handouts.  Many have lawsuits pending against the Governor based on related issues. But Whitmer says everyone in Michigan state needs to continue wearing masks, socially distance, and generally stay away from others as much as possible. Whitmer says she can’t do it alone. You, she says, need to be right alongside her fighting the virus. The state now reports 112,526 cases of the virus using a variety of means to come up with that number. 6,748 Michigan residents are reported to have died with the virus playing at least some role in the deaths. To what degree the state will not say. Many of those are presumed deaths, not reported as such originally by an attending physician.

The total caseload works out to be 1.13% of Michigan’s population. The death tally is .068% of Michigan’s population. That’s 68 thousandths of one percent. Critics of the Governor’s ongoing virus controls say considering the states own numbers, the time has come to get back to work.

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Protesters at the Capital in Lansing

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