Brace yourself.

Look for another day of stormy weather around Battle Creek and most of West Michigan today. Forecasters are predicting another round of strong winds - following yesterday's blustery conditions. Wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour are forecast for Southwest Michigan through tonight.

Consumers Energy work crews are in place in scattered areas of the region today working to restore power to residential and business customers left in the dark from the stormy weather. The utility's outage map is the best place to get updates on the status of areas affected by down lines.

Consumer's Outage Center page additionally provides information on time estimates of power restoration and ways you can connect with the utility to report downed lines or power interruptions.

The high winds coupled with high water levels on Lake Michigan mean more erosion along the lakeshore. Warnings are also out – advising against venturing out onto Lake Michigan piers. They are regularly high with waves during storms like this that will easily wash you off and into the choppy water.

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