power outage

Over 1,000 In Battle Creek Without Power Wednesday
According to Consumers Energy's Outage Map, around 10:30am Wednesday the outage affected customers along 20th St. in Battle Creek, between Columbia Ave. and the I-94 Business Loop. The outage extended into the Springfield area to the northwest, and along Goguac St. eastward to Meachem.

Galesburg Area Power Outage
Around 3,400 people are without power in Kalamazoo and Calhoun Counties Monday morning.

According to Consumer’s Energy’s Outage Map, residents in Galesburg, Climax and western Battle Creek lost power around 7am, with the cause unknown.
Power Restored In Lakeview
Power has been restored in the Lakeview area.
The power outage occurred at 4:37 PM, Thursday afternoon, after a critter sacrificed itself to hinder mankind. The "shocking" death caused mass traffic confusion along the Columbia Avenue and 20th Street corridor and put thousands of res…
Power Outage In Lakeview
There is currently a power outage in the Lakeview area and probably one less squirrel in the world, because the outage is due to an animal. Restoration is expected by 10 PM, Thursday evening. Traffic signals are down, so treat intersections as four-way stops and please use caution...