UPDATE- Tue 2/4/2020 at 8:55pm

More details have been released by the Battle Creek Police Department regarding two missing children who have been located. On Tuesday, February 4th at approximately 2:00 PM, Nebraska State Police stopped the Dunkelberger family on the I-80 highway. Battle Creek Police Detectives had been tracking them and alerted Nebraska authorities of a possible location. Troopers located the family and stopped them without incident. The children, 7-year-old Bentley and 9-year-old Karley were with their parents, Dennis and Rebecca Dunkelberger.

Michigan State Police helped in locating the family and coordinating with out of state agencies. The Michigan Dept. of Health and Human Services (Children's Protective Services) was working with Nebraska authorities to bring the children back to Michigan.

The mother, Rebecca was arrested on unrelated warrants and the father, Dennis was not charged. Custody of the children will be determined at a later court hearing once the kids are back in Battle Creek.

The Battle Creek Police Dept would like to thank all the other law enforcement, media, other agencies and the public for their help in locating Karley and Bentley and ensuring their safe return.


The brother and sister who were missing from Battle Creek have been located and are safe.

Not many details are known at this time but it has been confirmed by law enforcement that 7-year-old Bentley Dunkelberger and 9-year-old Karley Dunkelberger have been located and are safe.

On January 22, Battle Creek police sent out an urgent alert asking for help locating the pair who were believed to be in the company of their parents. The alert was on behalf of Battle Creek Police along with Michigan State Police and Michigan's  Department of Health and Human Services. At that point, it had been 2 weeks since the children had been seen by teachers and family members.

On January 28, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation sent an alert to its residents after Battle Creek police contacted them saying they had reason to believe the family may have made their way there that they could be in danger.

We will continue to add information as it becomes available.

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