A fire on the upper floor of a Battle Creek apartment building prompted a large response from authorities Tuesday night.

The Battle Creek Fire Department says that two engines and five other vehicles were called to the Cherry Hill Manor on Clay St. and Capital Ave. around 7:14pm Tuesday, and arrived to find light smoke coming from an eighth floor window. Firefighters made their way up to the eighth floor and entered through the apartment’s unlocked door to find heavy smoke and a mattress that was on fire. That fire was extinguished, and a search of the apartment found no victims.

Investigators say that the fire was caused by the “careless” burning of incense.

Incense is the term used for aromatic plant material such as oils, which are then burned to produce fragrance and smoke. In the West, the most common form of incense is in bamboo sticks that are inserted into a holder, and then lit at the other end as an ember burns down and releases the smells.

Since incense involves the use of an open flame, they are a fire hazard; Incensewarehouse.com says that when you use incense, one should make sure the holder is non-flammable, the ember is kept away from flammables such as curtains and clothing, and that the incense is properly extinguished before it is left unattended.

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